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Discover How Together, We Make a Difference:


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Support J6 Patriots:

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Help Us Find Unregistered J6ers:

- J6er’s Not Registered with PMP: There are many J6 Defendants that we do not have an address for, we do try to keep their information up-to-date and watch for those who are expected to be incarcerated.


At PMP, we maintain these records to ensure that J6 Defendants receive daily words of encouragement from Patriots worldwide, reminding them that they are not forgotten. Nobody in America should bear the label of a Political Prisoner; it's disheartening to see so many assigned this title!


For J6ers who are at home, PMP receives mail at our Post Office box and forwards it to their address. Books and other items can be sent to those who are not incarcerated. Please remember to include your address in your letter if you would like to receive mail back.


However, please be aware that those in jail can only receive books if they are directly mailed from the publisher. Each facility has different rules regarding acceptable items, so we kindly request using plain white paper and envelopes without return labels. Handwriting a return address is required, while glitter, stickers, and similar embellishments should be avoided.


About The Patriot Mail Project (PMP):

Established during the Bundy et al trials in 2016, The Patriot Mail Project continues its mission today by providing unwavering support to J6 Patriots. Comprised entirely of dedicated volunteers, our sole objective is to ensure that those facing unjust persecution receive the reassurance and backing of numerous Patriots across the nation.

We firmly believe that no one should endure isolation or despair during challenging times. Through heartfelt gestures and messages, we strive to let J6 Patriots know that they are constantly in our thoughts and that they have an extensive network of support from fellow Patriots.

At PMP, we are driven by a deep commitment to justice and unity. Join us in standing with J6 Patriots and demonstrating the power of solidarity. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Please check out the organizations below to find ways to support a J6 Political Prisoner or help a J6 Family. And don't forget to show your patriot support by sending mail to a J6 defendant. 

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